Sleepover is a linear narrative about two sisters and the struggle of finding your happy place in the era of teenage angst. When a pipe bursts in the older sister’s bedroom, she is forced to sleep in her little sister’s room. We experience the story from the perspective of the older sister, which focuses on the escalation of her exhaustion. She is a teen who does not like her toddler sister, she is very angry about having to sleep in her sister’s room and her sister does not seem to care at all.

There is no dialogue in this animation and the story takes place over the course of three nights. Each night proves more difficult for the older sister as she becomes more weary and frustrated. The trope of “the monster under the bed” comes into play on the second night, but all we see are tiny visual cues of a monster. (Tentacles hanging over the bunk, slithering/ scraping sounds and monster slime). The morning after the third night, our poor severely sleep-deprived teenager wakes up to silence. When she peeks at the top bunk, all she finds are her sister’s skeleton, and monster slime. With that knowledge, she crawls right back into bed and has the best sleep of her life.

Concept Art